Chou Win Lin 周文林

Chou Win Lin was a Professor of the Department of Economics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong from 1978 to 2010.Upon her retirement, she joined the Economics and Finance Department of City University of Hong Kong as Visiting Professor for two years until end of 2012. Professor Chou has an intimate knowledge of econometrics in particular that relates to the time-series econometrics such as panel unit root tests, panel cointegration analysis with structural breaks. This is reflected in her recently published papers.

While with the Chinese University, Chou Win Lin has developed and maintained a large-scale econometric forecasting model of the Hong Kong economy (Hong Kong LINK Model hereafter).The Hong Kong LINK Model is currently one of the 79 national models of the United Nations Project LINK ( which was founded under the leadership of Nobel Laureate Lawrence Klein of the University of Pennsylvania. The Model has also been applied to various consultancy projects such as those commissioned by CLP Power on long-term forecast of economic growth and electricity consumption, and that commissioned by Hong Kong Monetary Authority on the Hong Kong Economy with emphasis on the monetary sector, etc.


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